Heart of God Harpers

The Heart of God Foundation was started by Joanna Mell, certified therapeutic harpist, in 2007. It was created to provide therapeutic music to those who are suffering in mind, body and/or spirit.

Services are provided free of charge.

The Heart of God Foundation funds, among other groups, the Heart of God Harpers.

We believe that the gifts of music, love, healing and compassion come straight from the heart of God, the Creator of all. The Heart of God Harpers are a group of harpers/harpists who use our talents and gifts of music, our hearts and hands and harps, to bring healing to those who are suffering physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We do this by first cultivating a deep and dynamic relationship with our loving and generous Creator, through prayer, study of the Word and mutual support and fellowship, and then by honing our skills on the harp to be the best musicians we can possibly be, and going out into the world and sharing this love, compassion and healing music with those that need healing and to experience the love of God.

We go into nursing homes, hospitals, hospices, private homes, and wherever else we are lead by the Holy Spirit.

A program of musical training is available. This program is directed by Joanna Mell, and consists of individual lessons, because all students are unique and progress at different rates. Students also have widely varying needs which cannot be addressed adequately in a group teaching situation. The repertoire that is taught spans all categories, classical, Celtic, sacred, Broadway, from 9 centuries. Students learn both by ear and by reading music.

We meet on a regular basis for fellowship, encouragement, sharing of our experiences, Bible Study and prayer. We pray for each other on a daily basis. Students are also encouraged to select a spiritual director for their own personal growth and development.

We do not improvise, but play by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we are called to lay aside our harps and just sit and listen and pray with the patient. We then become God’s harp, so He can play His music through us.

Anyone interested in becoming a Heart of God Harper may contact the director, Joanna Mell at joanna@joannamell.com. You can listen to music inspired by the Holy Spirit by going to www.cdbaby.com/joannamell and listening to “Peace” and “Beside Still Waters”.